Giant anteaters are a curious lot. Click on a section below to find out more about this fascinating animal! Please note that most of the text on this site is protected by copyright. For more information contact the webmaster.

Where in the world giant anteaters roam and what kinds of land they inhabit
Info on the giant anteater's body, from its furry tail to its 2-foot-long tongue
What giant anteaters consume (it's not just ants!) and how they obtain food
Daily activities, sleeping patterns, and social behavior of the giant anteater
Mating, when and how anteaters give birth, plus aftercare of young
Place of giant anteaters in evolutionary history; includes related animals
Fun Stuff
Fun facts, cartoons, zoo list of giant anteaters, an anteater translator
Fun Links
Links to giant anteater art, literature, toys, photos, information, etc.

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