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ARKive Giant Anteater Page
Excellent site. Includes several videos and about a dozen pictures.
Chafee Zoo Anteater Page
Great information page on giant anteaters. A couple of pictures including a cutie of a recent newborn.
The BigZoo.com Giant Anteater
Includes general facts, and a video of an anteater ambling along.
Rainforest Conservation Fund Anteater Data Sheet
General info page, nice design with one cute baby picture.
Iwokrama Forest Giant Anteater Page
Lots of great information, several nice images.
Saint Louis Zoo Anteater Page
General information on the anteater, with several nice baby pics.
Wikipedia Giant Anteater page
General info on the giant anteater from the online encyclopedia.
Hawaiian Rainforest Zoo Anteater Page
Anteater info from the zoo in Hilo, Hawaii. More fun images here!
IUCN Redlist Anteater page
Information on the anteater as a threatened species.
San Francsisco Zoo Anteater page
Basic info page with a few nice images.
The World of Anteaters
Cute animated graphics, good information page.
Seaworld Anteater page
Nice list of basic facts.
Guidepost For Kids anteater page
Nice anteater page for kids.
The Home of the Anteater
A handful of general facts, has cute diagram.
Information about animals, including the anteater, that belong in the order Xenartha.
Mission Endangered giant anteater page
General info, no images.
South American Animals - Giant Anteater
Listing of general facts, one image. Pretty good.
More Anteater Links
Another listing of anteater links!


Zoo Cards - Anteater
Send an anteater e-postcard!
Anteater Wallpaper - Illustration
Anteater wallpaper for your cell phone.
Anteater Wallpaper - Photo
Anteater wallpaper for your cell phone.
Science Songs: "Anteater"
Parody of the song Maneater.
Anteater Sounds
Click the link at the top to hear what an anteater sounds like!
Photo Puzzle - Anteater
Interactive Anteater photo puzzle.
Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections: Giant Anteater
Info on the giant anteater's brain. Includes images of dissected brains and histological cross-section of the brain.
Meet Peter the Anteater
History behind UCI's Peter the Anteater mascot. Includes image of UCI's Anteater sculpture.


When Evolution Creates the Same Design Again and Again Excellent article on the process by which very similar animals evolve from different evolutionary lines, by Natalie Angier of the New York Times. Focus is on "anteaters" including the giant anteater, the spiny anteater of Austrialia and the pangolin of Africa, all of which are unrelated. Recommended site.
Nature Science Update: Upping The Ant
Well-written abstract of a paper in the journal Nature from 1999 describing new research on tongue and related musculature in the giant anteater. Interesting read - requires subscription.


Animorphs Anteaters Illustration
Very cool illustration from one of Scholastic's Animorphs books.
The Suspicion by K.A. Applegate
Animorphs book cover for their giant anteater edition.
Anteater Art Galle ry
Cute illustration of anteaters in different professions/actifvities.
From UCI.
Anteater Video Game
Information about the 80s-era video game, Anteater
Anteater Heads
Put a plush giant anteater on your wall.
Anteater Photo Print
Buy a nice anteater photograph poster from art.com.
An Anteater Named Arthur
Kids' book by Bernard Waber.
Aardvarks & Anteaters
Dunno what it's for but it's got some anteater clip art!
Stuffed Anteater
A cute stuffed anteater that you can purchase.
Planet of the Anteaters
Real or fake movie - you be the judge!
The Icky Sticky Anteater
Kids' book by Dawn Bentley.
Ants the Anteater Beanie Baby
You know him, you love him.
Anteater Plush toy
Another anteater doll you can buy.
Meanies Anteater Dirtwalker
In the tradition of Garbage Pail Kids, this guy's a take on Star Wars' Luke Skywalker.
Anteaters in Love

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